Software Development

Nextvision Tokyo offers cutting-edge software development by a professional, experienced staff located in Tokyo, Japan.

Unity3D Game Development
Nextvision Tokyo has years of experience using the Unity3D game engine, which allows for rapid game development and support for multiple platforms, including iOS, Android, PC/Mac, and game consoles.

Smartphone Applications
Nextvision Tokyo is one of the premier Japanese developers creating apps for iOS and Android. Having started smartphone development back in 2008, very few developers can match Nextvision Tokyo’s experience and portfolio.

PC and Web Development
We provide cross-platform development for a variety of software applications and web solutions.

HTML5 Games
Our browser-based, user-friendly HTML5 games are not only fun for the end-user, but are excellent marketing tools.

Web and Marketing Support
From website design to marketing consultation, we provide full support for the software we make.


Nextvision Tokyo has an experienced localization staff that specializes in bringing Japanese entertainment content to the West, as well as bringing Western content to Japan. From translation and rewrites, to voice recording and general consulting, we are your one-stop solution for entertainment localization.

Video Game Localization
Nextvision Tokyo provides complete localization for interactive content, performed by a staff that specializes in the field.

Our staff provides world-class translation and rewrites of entertainment and business content from Japanese to English and vice versa. Via our network of translators, we support many of the world’s languages as well.

Sound Recording Direction
We can help with any sound-oriented needs, including voice actor selection, studio coordination, and in-studio voice direction.

Localization Consulting
Our experts can offer experienced consulting in all matters related to bringing Japanese content to the West, or Western content to Japan.



Consulting, Translation, Voice Acting

Translation, Manual, Website

Translation, Website

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Translation, Testing

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